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I had an interesting epiphany the other day to Succeed Faster.

I was heading out to a meeting during “Rush Hour”; which is kind of funny because no one is ever RUSHING at that time. Of course, this is a time to think, How can I get there quicker?  “How can I succeed faster?” 

I was aware of the fastest route to my destination.  I was also familiar with a couple of alternate routes in case of a traffic jam.  Finding alternate routes is a lesson I learned from working many years in the city of Chicago.

So, I started out on my direct route and ended up on my alternate route. This trip takes almost an hour in rush hour traffic.  Normal traffic conditions, 35 minutes.  I was proud that I KNEW the best route to save time.

Later, I learned about this cool GPS traffic app called WAZE.  My sister and then my wife introduced me to this user-friendly travel tech.

Here is where the “Succeed Faster” epiphany came in

I gave the app the goal (exact destination) that I was trying to reach.

The app, with the resourcefulness of a global positioning satellite and a wealth of experience of other drivers, gave me the fastest route.

I followed the directions and it got me to my destination in 22 minutes!


I followed directions to succeed faster.

Succeed Faster

The interesting part is this…

  • I ended up driving in unfamiliar areas
  • I took roads that “I just KNEW” would take me longer, but they did not
  • I TRUSTED the instructions that WAZE gave me, even when the course was adjusted during the trip

When I stopped trying to ‘figure it out’ and followed directions from someone with more experience;  I was able to succeed faster, a LOT faster!

Makes you think about your goals, right?

One great success coach (Dr. Stacia Pierce) always says is, “Success leaves clues”. If you follow directions of those who have made it to destination you want to reach, you’ll absorb their wisdom and pick up pointers that you can apply to help you succeed faster.

 This is true for your business.  It’s true for your job. It’s true for everyday life.

“Success Leaves Clues”

  • Tell us about a time you did not follow directions and it took you longer to…
  • Tell us about a time you DID follow directions to succeed faster.

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