For the NEW Employee – 7 Tips

You’re ready to get to work as the new employee at the new job. You have your new clothes, your new shoes and already considering a new car! Orientation is over and they’ve shown you around the office and break-room (is your company still doing that?).  Now it is YOUR time to shine as the “New Employee”.  The following unchanged principles are from decades of wisdom, from several experienced corporate professionals.

7 Tips for the New Employee:

1. Show Enthusiasm

You ARE a new employee. You have a NEW job!  They picked YOU!  You’re on your way to getting a paycheck.  Show your gratitude with positive energy and willingness to learn.  When you get assigned something that you were not expecting, do it.  You are still getting paid.  Avoid thinking “it’s not my job”.  You may be given several tests of your skills and more importantly, your attitude.

2. Talk with your boss

Let your manager know how you are progressing and if your need help.  If you feel overwhelmed, make sure you ask for suggestions in prioritizing your work.  Your manager is there to help you manage.  Most importantly, ask questions to make sure you understand your tasks and deadlines before proceeding in the wrong direction.   If you are fearful of looking foolish for asking questions, think of how you will look when you deliver the wrong results.

3. Become an Expert

FOCUS on the job that is assigned to you and do it well.  Remember, you were hired as a “professional” so excellence is expected.  But also remember, you do not grade your work.  Get feedback from your manager to be sure you are delivering as expected and ask for ways to improve.  You can always better your best.

4. Be Team Player

Have you heard the cliché’, “There is no I in TEAM”?  Being a team player is even more valuable in this age of selfish thinking, than it was in the past.  With the era of “selfies”, iPhone, iPad, MyFitnessPal, iCloud, so many are busy focusing on themselves.  The ability to collaborate with others to achieve more is valued in the eyes of your employer.

While a lot different from a leader, team players are equally important in helping driving the organization towards success.  –

5. Network

Get to know other professionals outside of your immediate team.  Find out more about your company form other perspectives. Learn how your work may impact other teams and build your connections for future opportunities. Ask for advice and let people know they can depend on you.

6. Stay Fresh

You were hired for FRESH ideas. This is the main reason to get new employees in Corporate.  Stay sharp by learning more about your profession and bringing NEW ideas and solutions.  You may encounter employees who are used to things the way they are.  That’s okay, learn from them, add new information and stand out!

7. Avoid Office Gossip

Do your best to avoid office politics.  Some seasoned employees are threatened by new employees.  Others simply like to gossip.  As a “newbie”, you may be a target of people offering their unsolicited negative opinions about someone else or your company.  DON’T get dragged into the drama.  Politely excuse yourself from the negative conversation (“…I have an assignment to finish…”).  Remember Tip #1 and Stay Positive.

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