Don’t Give Up, Fall 7 Times and Stand Up 8

Don’t give up when you’re feeling “some kind of way”, you know, kind of anxious and weird? As a go-getter, you don’t always let it get the best of you.  Sure, have your moment. Get lost in those weird feelings of “not knowing what’s wrong with you”. It’s okay. We ALL have it.

Then, get back up.

OWN that moment, process it however DON’T Give Up!

Many of us have different ways of processing those feelings. Thinking, sleeping, talking with friends or counsellors. I know what works for me.  When I am feeling like throwing in the towel, I take a moment to pray and meditate.  I also take some alone time with nature or I play video games.

I’m no expert in what works best.  However, I am an expert in getting back up

…and so are YOU.

Don't Give up

Think of the times you fall and don’t give up.

Thousands of times things didn’t work out the way you wanted, you did not give up and learned how to get back up.

  • Falling down when learning to walk
  • Burning or cutting yourself by accident
  • Falling off of your bike
  • Failing a test or a class
  • Losing your first love
  • Losing your first job
  • Losing a loved one

These are all hard to go through, but we go through them, we don’t give up and we get back up

How do most of us do it?

After we deal with our feelings, however long that takes, we focus on two things:

  1. What you are doing and
  2. What you’re going to do next

Think about that for a moment as you remember all of the “bad” things that you went through…  See, you ARE the expert in getting back up. Now that you know that you CAN get back up, you can do it faster…

1. OWN the moment


What’s happening


2. Keep HOPE alive





This is where you focus on the positive you’re going to do next. Visualize and focus on the question, ” What DO I want (see yourself doing what you WANT)? 

Meditation and prayers of gratitude always work for ME.  For big dreams, vision boards and prayers of great expectations work for ME.

So remember, don’t give up, have your moment… then get back up.

You ARE a go-getter and you WILL succeed!


Tell us about a time you fell… then got back up and succeeded.


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