Going to Work, When You Don’t Feel Like Getting Up

You ever have those days when going to work is kinda tough? Maybe after a few days off or you simply had a long night?  You wake up in the morning after that glaring alarm clock goes off and interrupts your sleep?

…and for some reason you just do not want to get up out of the bed.

Going to work is something I enjoy… But…

But sometimes I have those days where I’d rather lay in bed listen to the birds chirping and feel the breeze, the morning breeze coming through my window.

What do you do?

When I had a tough time getting up and going to work, the first thing I would do is, get out of bed as soon as that alarm clock goes off!

  1. Get up without hitting that snooze button (although it’s very tempting)
  2. Go straight to the kitchen (if you have kids or company, you may want to put on clothes)
  3. Get a glass of ice, a slice of lemon and pour in some ice cold water.
  4. Walk over to the window and drink the ice cold water, slowly.

While looking out at nature, SMILE, then start reciting out loud,

“Today is going to be a great day!”

Then, go back to the kitchen, refill that class with some more ice cold water, drink it down and head to the shower.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to just get going, isn’t it?

Going to Work


The bed is so comfortable, we’re right in middle of a good dream and we just don’t want to get up out of bed.  But you KNOW you like going to work to get paid, right?

However, we do like to get paid!


So this is when you have to actually tell yourself,

Stop Crying and Get Paid!

Now, lets go lets go get this money!

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