Boss Advice: 5 Things Your Boss Wish You Knew But Can’t Tell You


Most employees think they know what their employers are thinking. Yet they are so lost and literally in the cloud.  Are you up for someboss advice“?

As a leader for several decades, with a plethora of experience in business, as well as partnering with other leaders and executives; here are 5 unspoken “I wish you knew”:

1. I wish I could pay you more

Boss AdviceBut I cannot! Mainly due to financial constraints set by compensation plans and company budgets. As an entrepreneur (the business owner), it’s because the risks that I have taken require a reasonable reward (meaning, if I go out of business tomorrow, you may lose your job, but I could lose everything).

2. I wish my best employees worked for me forever

Employees are NOT disposable. I see you as a person who adds value to the company.  That’s why I know my best employees will be promoted or seek new opportunities.  As one of the best employees, I recognize that if you’re not compensated well enough, you will leave. When you leave, it does hurt.  A part of me feels like I could not meet your needs.  I would love to run the kind of business people from which people want to retire.

3. Key Boss Advice: I wish you could work on your own

I know you cannot stand to be micromanaged, and I hate to micromanage.  In fact, if you desire more autonomy, tell me. For example, you can say something like “I understand you’re concerned about this project, so I am going to show you that I can take care of it.”  Then, take care of it.  Be sure to provide status updates prior to me requesting them and I will respect you even more.

4. When others are not doing their job, I don’t always know it

I appreciate it when you let me know when a co-worker is jeopardizing morale. However, I am not going to counsel anyone in front of you. Everyone has the right to private coaching and counseling, including you.  You would rather discuss your corrective actions privately, right?

5. As a leader, it only appears as if nothing bothers me

I’m concerned about sales, costs, safety, employees, vendors, customers… you name it.  However, I try not worry about it as I plan and take continuous action.  Nevertheless, I’m still concerned.  What you see, most of the time, is a leader with a cool head that shields you from all the corporate politics and demands/stresses of running a business.

So, as you work your way towards upper management or entrepreneurship, consider what you will encounter.  In the meantime, learn some strategies with boss advice to help you rise to new levels in chapter 7 of Stop Crying and Get Paid (10 Key Principles to Get Promoted and Get a Raise).

Tell us how you view your boss a little differently?

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