First Class: Front of the Plane, Back of the Car

This is a re-post of a “First Class” article that I previously posted.  It reminded me of the rewards of entrepreneurship and working my butt off to achieve a certain level of success.  What I want to share is an example of the luxuries that you can partake in that does NOT occur in the normal course of life, when working a “regular job”.

Reminder: GIVE More. MAKE More. LIVE more.

Begin Reposted Article…

So,  I decided to post this from my phone this time,  although you probably will not see it until tomorrow.

I’m actually on a plane right now in my way to Chicago to surprise my brother for his 50th birthday!

It was a last minute decision to go and it was also a last minute decision to fly first class.  I also opted for private car service.   It’s a nicer and safer form of transportation in a big city.  Trust me,  I’m FROM Chicago.  Plus, it simply feels cool to ride First Class as well.

Besides,  I like first class,  because I AM first class!  LOL

Front of the plane,  back of the car.  THAT’S FIRST CLASS! 

“Mr Coleman,  would you like something to drink before take-off?”

“Mr Coleman,  would you like a hot towel to clean your hands?”

“What would you like for dinner Mr Coleman?

First Class Reply, “Yes.  Thank You.”

Call me a snob if you want.  But if given the opportunity, I like the simple pleasures like drinking my coffee from a real coffee mug instead of a styrofoam cup.  I also like eating a hot meal from a plate, with utensils and a cloth napkin.

C’mon, be honest, if you had a choice,  which would YOU rather have…

A. A bag of peanuts?


B. A glass dish of mixed nuts that was warmed up for you?

First Class coffee

Every now and then you have to treat yourself better than usual.

When a first class opportunity knocks, answer!

“Here’s your dinner Mr Coleman. Would you like a glass of wine? “

First class flight meal

I just chose the roasted chicken breast for dinner.  NO,  I’m not at a fine restaurant.  I‘m on a plane flying Fist Class.   You TOO are worthy enough to make a choice that is not based solely on cost.

“Mr Coleman,  would like another coffee?”

“May,  I offer you a warm cookie for dessert Mr Coleman,  chocolate chip or white chocolate with macadamia nuts?”

First Class dessert

Okay,  gotta go., before my cookie and coffee gets cold.

Let me ask you,  what do YOU like best about first class service

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