WOMEN’s Success Conference? Yes.

If you’re looking to move from employee to employer, get the knowledge and the mindset.  Read books, listen to audio books, get a mentor and attend conferences!

The Success Conference that I attended Last year, was a pretty awesome weekend.  The Woman’s Success Conference with Dr. Stacia Pierce and Ariana Pierce is what I still call the International Success Conference because there were women from around the world as well as MEN in attendance.  I must tell you that this was a very enlightening and informative weekend.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Success Conference

This was my third year attending.  I admit, the first year that I attended, I was a bit skeptical. Understand, there are successful women involved and leading the conference.  My skepticism was only based on the niche focus on WOMEN, guided by the #1 Life coach to WOMEN.  I believed Stacia’s credentials and Arianna’s knowledge and accomplishments as a Millennial Entrepreneur.  I was just wondering how the Life Coach to Women could give information to men.

Boy did these ladies deliver!

After my first Woman’s Success Conference, I signed up for their coaching program, Success Mastery.  During this first year of coaching, Dr. Stacia pushed me to “tell my story to assist others”.  She said…

“Jeff, you have accomplished a lot in your life, and you’ve helped a lot of people, individually. Don’t keep this knowledge to yourself, share it in a book so others can accomplish more in their lives as well.  People need to hear your story”.

By the end of that year of coaching, my book, MY FIRST BOOK, WAS WRITTEN…

success conference book


I signed up for another year of coaching, on the Success Mastery “Clarity” level.  Once I got clarity in my personal life, I declared a “Year of Double”!  What did I double?

  • Doubled my family size… I got married
  • More than doubled my income… with 3 Streams of income
  • More than doubled my living quarters… upgraded from a condo to a brand-NEW house!

My book is now published and distributed by several companies. The book is titled, “Stop Crying and Get Paid”  …and now there’s more!




Yep, the WOMAN’s Success Conference is not just for women.

Gentlemen, tap into coaching success conference badgewhere you can.  Even if it is with a team of well accomplished women that are willing to teach you a thing or two.

I will leave you with this, when I was younger, my rich uncle (everyone got one, right?) told me that the smartest way to success is to find someone who did what you want to do, and do what they did!



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