What Kind of Boss Would YOU Be?

Are you interested in being the one in charge?  You’re ready to have employees of your own?  You want to lead the team?  Now sure what kind of boss you would be? Then this is for you.

I came across a very interesting quiz on HR People (The Resource Behind Human Resources),  “What Kind of Boss Are You?”  I think it’s a good idea to take it and consider…

What Kind of Boss Would YOU Be?

I discovered another confirmation of the type of leadership that is missing today.  The type of leadership that creates other leaders. This leader is the type that enables his/her employees to expand beyond their current tasks and use creative thinking.

The Enabler

From the site, this is referred as the Enabler:

The Enabler knows that you have the means to accomplish any task, you just may need some guidance to get there. Instead of spending all day with you like The Teacher, they are more likely to make a few suggestions to get you on your way, and then leave the rest up to you. The Enabler’s favorite catch phrases are “Have you thought about doing this?” or “What about trying this?” Their suggestions are never commands, and they are completely comfortable with you taking the lead on any project, as well as the praise when it succeeds. They want you to succeed, but don’t feel the need to push to get you there.”

By the stats on the site, only 9% received The Enabler after taking the quiz.

The Captain

The results revealed 59% of those quizzed are considered Captains.  You may be thinking, “Great, a Captain”, right?  Here’s the description of the Captain:

To the Captain, his employees are his team. It’s essential that everyone works together toward the same goal. If there is a rift in the team, he’s the peacekeeper that swoops in to mend the wound. If the team succeeds, he credits every employee. But if the team loses, he takes the weight on his shoulders. The Captain acts as the go-to player on the team. If something falls through the cracks, he is there to catch it. When someone calls in sick, he is there to fill in. A last-minute assignment pops up five minutes before quitting time, he will fall on the sword for the sake of his team. The Captain’s only goal as a manager is to make sure he is doing everything he can to make sure his team is running efficiently.

The captain is great for the first level supervisor or operations manager.  This is absolutely needed for a well-run business operation.  However, when thinking like a BOSS, think like a true leader.  An Enabler

When thinking about what kind of boss would you be, consider these other stats: 25% received “The Teacher” and quite surprisingly, 2% received “The Bully”.

Give the quiz a try and let us know what your received?

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