Making Decisions. Changing the World.

CorporateLifestyle.org is designed to be a community of Corporate Professionals brought together to share and learn from each other’s experiences.  While CorporateLifestyle.org may be most attractive to the corporate employee, we are also focused on the employer; as well as those seeking to move from employee to employer.

A Corporate Professional is any individual employed by a corporation, a professional who is consulting a corporation or an entrepreneur who owns a corporation.  – CorporateLifestyle.crg

For Corporate Professionals by Corporate Professionals

For all participants, CorporateLifestyle.org is here to:

EDUCATE with material that may be referenced to complement and improve your current skills.

SHARE experience and professional best practices across several industries.

CREATE OPPORTUNITY through workshops, networking and suggested continuing education or new skills.

CorporateLifestyle.org realizes that corporate professionals play a huge role in the world, beyond simply working the day-to-day job. The decisions made by corporate professionals impact, not only their own advancement, but also…

  • Work (conditions, pace, demands) of the front-line employees
  • Customer satisfaction
  • The company’s profits and stock price
  • Investors decisions to invest in the company
  • Growth of the company, growth of their industry and growth of job opportunities
  • The legacy of the company and generations of customers

Corporate Professionals must think and act on behalf of the consumer, the investor and the company every day.   – CorporateLifestyle.crg


Our mission is to help the corporate employEE transition to employER. We provide corporate professionals with insightful guidance in leadership, business acumen and professional image, enabling them to move up or move on.


Our vision is to help future corporate leaders realize their TRUE value and the impact they will create. Making decisions. Changing the world.

This is the Corporate Lifestyle.



We want to encourage you to invite your colleagues, friends and family to join the community.

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